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Bridge Conventions: 5 No trump: 5NT, Bob Crosby - csbnews (3) control-showing bid. Most experts have the following agreements with 5NT : Provided no major suit is agreed, a bid of 5 NT has one of the following meanings unless part of another agreement. 1. A jump to 5 NT over any balanced notrump bid, provided no real suit has been shown, invites a grand slam. Partner should bid 6 NT with a minimum or ... Bridge Bidding Conventions The Unusual No Trump. A bid of NoTrump (usually 2NT but not always) in a situation where it cannot really be expected to be natural. It shows a hand which is 5-5 in the lowest 2 unbid suits and is either weak or very strong. Played in conjunction with Michaels Cue Bids, most two suited hands can be shown. But see Questem in the next section.

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Also written as Gambling Three NT, Gambling Three No Trump, ... Partnership agreements may include the condition that a Gambling 3 No Trump opening bid may only be ... Gambling 3 Notrump: Bridge Bidding Convention Gambling 3 Notrump - An opening bid of 3 Notrump based on a long, solid minor suit. The 3 Notrump opener anticipates partner holds a stopper in the suit ...

We can now finish the NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS section, with a slight breather.If you wish to ask for aces, you can bid the other major first to set trump, and then use 4NT to ask for aces.Lastly, is what I recommend: GAMBLING. All that is promised is a long running suit (typically a minor, but it...

Bridge Gambling 3 No Trump - Gambling ... - Gambling Three No Trump. Bid 4 Gerber. Bid 4NT with a minimum. The same rules trump apply over a strong 4 response, except that opener cannot use Gerber. Alternatively, opener's rebids may describe suit length. In response to a strong 4 ask, opener can: Bid 4NT with a semi-balanced hand, i. Bid 5 to bridge long diamonds with a singleton club. Gambling 3 No Trump Bridge - Opening bids. Gambling 3NT The common current treatment trump that the 3NT bidder shows weakness in the other gambling odds presidential election [2] and many play bridge it specifically bridge any Aces or Kings in 3nt side 3nt in the first or second seat [3] — the Weak Gambling 3NT. Other variants include having at least bids ace in a side suit or exactly two aces in ... NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- PART 3 of 3 - Bridge Articles ... NOTRUMP OPENING BIDS -- PART 3 of 3. prev next . Author: Larry Cohen. ... If you wish to ask for aces, you can bid the other major first to set trump, and then use 4NT to ask for aces. ... Over a 1st- or 2nd- seat Gambling 3NT (no outside aces/kings), the responder will often remove to 4 or 5 to say: pass if you have clubs, ...

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